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5 Interesting Hobbies You Can Get Yourself into this Year

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New Things to Try out This Year We’re almost done with the first month of 2015, and if you still find yourself having the same routine as the last year, you might want to think twice. Explore life as much as you can and don’t be afraid to discover new things that can add some spice to your life. Don’t settle with a stagnant life, and go out there and discover how you could do more in life. We listed down five interesting new hobbies you can try for this year: Turn your home into a.

10 Signs That You Are a Morning Person

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The Usual Qualities of a Morning Person Is the chirping of birds and early morning silence music to your ears? If that’s a yes, then maybe you’re a morning person; when you feel unproductive when you wake up after 10am and if you have all the reasons to go home early after work. A morning person have half of his/her “to do” list already checked before noon and they’re enthusiasm in the morning is just so hard to top. Here’s the rest of the list on the signs that you’re the early b.

Being an Introvert: Understanding the Timid Personality

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Being an Introvert If you’re someone who is content with your own set of intimate friends and doesn’t need a bunch of acquaintances, then maybe you fit in the category of “introverts.” Introverts are usually stereotyped as shy and quiet, but you’ll never know what’s going on in that mysterious head of theirs.   Understanding the Timid Personality Here’s a quick peek to the timid personality of every introvert person (you might find yourself relating to this): I�.

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle This Year

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Starting a Healthy Lifestyle Admit it, you write “have a healthy lifestyle” or “get fit” on your New Year’s resolution list every year. In most cases, the year consists of more cheat days than the days when you eat and live healthy, and yes, the healthy days also include the time you are sick in a hospital bed where you have no choice but to eat healthy and if you consider walking from your room to the kitchen an exercise. Effective Fitness Plans To get this straight, a healthy .

Top New Year’s Resolutions that Never Makes It Until End of the Year

Top New Year’s Resolutions that Never Makes It Until End of the Year

Revising Your Top New Year’s Resolutions New Year is one of the most celebrated events, not just because it is the welcoming of another year, but also because it’s all about new beginnings. People love the idea of starting fresh, that’s why writing a New Year’s resolution has become a tradition. The thing with New Year goal setting is that, more than half of our list never made it halfway throughout the year. Here are some things that are commonly listed down that you should start re.

Best Fitness and Running Tips for Beginners

Best Fitness and Running Tips for Beginners

Things to Remember for Fitness Beginners Running has become one of the biggest fads in fitness today, and sure there’s a reason for this hype; it’s easy, you can do it anywhere and anytime, it’s convenient, it’s fun, and it doesn’t need complicated equipments.   Fitness and Running Tips If you’re a newbie to this sport, here are some of the best fitness and running tips that you should remember before you grab your shoes and start going: Set goals. Before you st.

Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2014

Social Media Habits in 2014 2015 just started and one great way to start it is to assess the things that you need to get over with. Yes, there are things we need to let go of, especially when it’s starting to take our productivity and the better things on life. Here are some of the social media habits in 2014 that we surely can live without: Long unnecessary #hashtags It’s high time that we get this #hashtag thing plain and clear. Hashtags are designed if you want to make someth.

Ways to Document Your Holiday Celebration Photos

Documenting Your Holiday Celebrations Another holiday just passed. It was a time for families and friends to have their most awaited reunions. Celebrations are not complete without documentations to keep the memories that you made on that special day. It is good to have something that you can go back to when you want to laugh again at the hairstyles and fashion that you thought was cool at that time, then it begins to look funny as time passes, and to reminisce the happy memories from the past .

Do-it-yourself: Homemade Christmas Decors

Homemade Christmas Decors Christmas is fast approaching and the Holiday spirit is just everywhere. What makes this time even more light-spirited are the breathtaking views of beautiful decorations and mesmerizing lights. Quick suggestion: Don’t get behind the season just because you are on a tight budget to take part in beautifying this already beautiful season. You can start decorating your own home without spending on fancy decors. Be resourceful and creative in thinking of simple but .

Weight Loss Has Never Been So Easy

Weight Loss Has Never Been So Easy

Easy Everyday Ways to Take Off Extra Pounds Losing weight without risking your health may take time, but everyone knows that it is definitely worth it particularly for women who finally sees the difference between her waist line measurement between months. The weight loss plan has to be more than just the right discipline and the proper knowledge in planning your dietary meals. If you want effective, easy, and healthy ways of losing weight, then you can begin by following these simple rules: .