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Hotel Etiquette to Remember When Traveling

Hotel Etiquette to Remember When Traveling

Hotel Etiquette to Remember One important factor in traveling is the place where you will stay, so make sure that you will leave a good impression to the staff because it will also reflect the service that they give you. Know what to do and what not to do as we list down the top hotel etiquette that you should keep in mind from the moment you check in until at the time of your check out: Upon Your Arrival/Checking In Do not bring extra guests when you know it exceeds the room li.

Best Kid Friendly Destinations to Visit this Christmas

Best Kid Friendly Destinations to Visit this Christmas

Kid Friendly Destinations this Christmas Christmas is also known as a great time to be with your family. But if you want to have an adventure this Christmas and you’re planning to spend it away from home, you might want to consider going to places that every member of the family will enjoy, especially the kids. There are a lot of options out there for your holiday vacations and we narrowed down the choices to 4 kid-friendly destinations that will make your kids seize their childhood: Disney.

Top Accommodations With a Twist of the Countryside

Top Accommodations for the Holiday Season Holiday season just started. It’s also a time when the city streets are busiest as most people are into their shopping rush; employees working double time to catch-up for the holiday break; friends and family reunions happening everywhere; and more. All these various events are in the way that makes it almost impossible to have the holiday spirit left unnoticed. Regardless of the things that makes us all jam-packed, It’s time to jump out of th.

Destination Ready: Benefits of Preparing a Flight Checklist

Benefits of Preparing a Flight Checklist Are you planning to go for an international trip this holiday? Avoid the horror of finding out at the airport that you left important stuff at home and your flight is in a few hours. Remember, going in and out of the country is a lot more different than your local flights – so, be very aware of the necessities, specially your documents. Everything is complicated when you are in a place you are not familiar with and later on finding out that your.

Unique and Fun Vacation Ideas for your Family

Fun Vacation Ideas A family goes through a lot of things together, and it is not easy to be with people with different personalities and attributes, but that’s what really refines a family that brings a deeper level of relationship. One thing that can bind a family is the experience that is shared together, and planning a vacation is one of the best ways to know them more and to enjoy their company. When was the last time you felt the thrill of weekends or vacation because you have a .

Preparing for the Unpredictable Weather on Your Travel

Travel Tips for Unpredictable Weather Whenever you are in for a trip out of town or outside the country, you must keep in mind that the weather can be different from where you are. You’ll never know what weather changes you might experience in your travel that will give you other things to worry about.   Avoid extra expenses for things that you might need for an unpredictable weather. Be armed for any kind of temperature to avoid the hassle and uneasiness on your travel by pack.

Top Vacation Spots to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Husband

Top Vacation Spots for Thanksgiving For newly married couples or those who doesn’t have a child yet, make the most of your time together alone. As time would progress, you’ll have more and more people around you so take a chance to celebrate holidays in the most memorable way.   One great idea is to travel together and be in a place where you are strangers so you can be yourselves without having to think who you might come across with. Go for an intimate bonding experience.