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Top Travel Essentials to Keep in Your Carry On Bag

Top Travel Essentials for your Hand Carry Bag

There are lots of things to consider when you bring a luggage in your travel. It is important to make a checklist of the things you need to pack and how to separate it for your convenience. Your hand carry bag must contain your basic travel essentials and things that you might need to keep within your reach.


Baggage Checklist

Here are travel must-haves you can include in your checklist to pack in your hand carry bag:

  1. Passport Holder – Of course, you cannot leave without bringing your passport with you. Make sure that you organize it with your plane tickets.
  2. Travel Documents – Always have your travel documents close to you because you’ll never know when you might need it like booking confirmations, accommodations, travel insurance, maps, or any details you might need along the way.
  3. Wallet – Aside from cash, you should always bring a credit card or other bank cards in case of emergency and always have your valid ID with you.
  4. Phone – Your phone can always come in handy when you need to browse on the net and to make sure that you will never lose contact. Of course, leave your home with a full battery.
  5. Charger – Batteries of smart phones easily drain, that’s why you should bring a charger with you together with necessary adaptors.
  6. Earphones – Listen to your travel playlist during your flight or at the airport to appease your boredom. Music and podcasts can keep you company, especially in awkward situations.
  7. Pen/Small Notebook – A pen and notebook combo can be essential in so many circumstances. If you are OC and organized, you can use it to make checklists and if you are a writer, you might need something to write on for spur of the moment ideas.
  8. Good Book/Kindle – A good book can keep you entertained on long waiting hours. Make sure that you bring a short book that is light to bring so it won’t occupy much space in your bag. A kindle can be a perfect alternative because it is lighter and it has more options.
  9. Extra Shirt – Always bring an extra shirt with you. Just make sure that you choose a light fabric. You can use it for emergencies or when you feel like changing your top, you might even spill something on your clothes. An extra can always be useful.
  10. Scarf – For sudden drop of temperature, a scarf can keep you warm without carrying bulky sweaters. Plus it can add an accent to your outfit.
  11. Sanitizer – Hygiene is very important when you travel, but always keep in mind the liquids you will bring with you must pass the standard of the airline. Check it beforehand, because some airline doesn’t allow certain gels and aerosols.
  12. Tissue/Wet Wipes – This is a must-have for travel because you might need it to wipe tables, chairs, utensils, to clean your face, or when you need to go to the restroom. This can always come in handy.
  13. Sunglasses – It’s important that you are ready for long walks under the sun and protect your eyes all the time. You can also use this when you need to take some nap at the plane or at the airport.
  14. Mints/Gum – Long travel hours can make you feel a little dizzy, that’s why some mints can help you feel better and it can freshen your breath in an instant. Airplanes can give air pressure to your ears, and chewing a gum can help ease your discomfort that’s why you need a good amount of it in your bag.
  15. Small Beauty Kit -Make sure that the size of your beauty kit and the items you have in it are in travel size. There are mini bottles and containers that you can buy so you can just transfer it in smaller packaging. Of course, from time to time you need retouch. Some of the default beauty products you might need are lip balm, comb, and powder.




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