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Top Rated Products for Sunburn Treatment

Top Rated Products for Sunburn

Do you find yourself to be more engaged into outdoor activities often that you are typically exposed to the direct heat of the sun? Here’s the case, skin sunburn can be inevitable that even applying sunscreen won’t take any effect.

But you have to remember that the effects of sunburn can last for days or even weeks. Who would want to endure the long prickly pain caused by the sun-rays? It makes you uncomfortable and sometimes, unable to focus on your daily activities.

Know the different stages of sunburn causes and the top rated products for treatment:

Sunburn can cause the skin to feel a stinging, painful sensation. This painful feeling may occur after a few hours and it can develop up to 2 days – and it might even take weeks to appease the pain. To keep it from aggravating, use an After Sun Soothing Gel with Aloe Vera of Hawaiian Tropic, as it can give your skin a cool sensation that can give a temporary relief for skin sunburn. You can also use after sun moisturizing sprays to keep dryness from occurring. Use products with Aloe Vera extracts and essential oils from Vitamin E.

Long exposure to the sun can redden and dry up your skin. To re-hydrate your skin, you can use The Body Shop’s Face and Body Mist. This can help bring back the moisture of your skin. Oil-based moisturizers are more effective and it can lessen the flaky texture of your skin. You can also use products with natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Argan Oil.

After several hours of bearing the stinging sensation and redness, your skin will start to peel off. It is part of the natural healing process, but it usually lasts for days or even weeks. For an effective peeling, keep your skin well-moisturized with ultra-hydrating products like Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Continue to hydrate your skin with products that can reach up to the dermis so your skin can recover quickly. Exfoliate the affected area subtly to peel the dead skin and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Protecting the the Skin from the Sun

Make sure that you reapply sunscreen after 30 minutes, so you can enjoy more of your outdoor activities without fearing severe sunburn affecting your flawless skin. Remember that fairer skin is more prone to sun damage, so it requires extra sun protection and higher SPF level for the sunblock that you will be using.

Regardless of your skin tone, do not forget that you should always protect yourself from anything that may harm your body. It’s always best to achieve for a nice and well balanced tan.

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