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Top Five Superfoods for Effective Diet Plans

Superfoods for Effective Diet Plans

When we hear the term “superfood,” we all get the same impression of the same list like apple, salmon, blueberry, and other food that we commonly eat. Although we agree that these are definitely A-listers, it’s time to bring some hidden treasures to the limelight.

Here’s a list of  the top superfoods that might surprise you with the benefits to achieve that most effective diet plans:

  1. Quinoa –What makes quinoa a standout in the category of grains is because of the eight essential amino acid it contains that are only found usually in meat, fish, and eggs. That is the reason why it’s a good source of protein that makes it perfect for those who wanted to be fit and strong. It can be a great alternative for meals and it’s ideal for those who workout. Who would’ve thought that an exceptional nutritional profile can be found in a grain-like seed like quinoa?
  2. Acai Berry – Anything that has “berry” in it is usually associated as antioxidant. It’s also true for acai berry, but there’s more to it than slowing down the negative effects in your body caused by oxygen. It also contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that make it helpful for brain function. The healing properties of acai berry are also excellent because it has impressive phytochemical content which helps reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, and anti-inflammatory.
  3. Moringa – One of the easiest trees to plant is the moringa tree, but this is also one of the lesser known plants that needs to be highlighted because it’s too great to be left out. No doubt moringa is usually seen in herbal medicines, teas, powdered drinks, and even in organic beauty products. From its extracts to the leaf itself, you can maximize this plant to its core. I can give you a long list of why and how you can use it, but let me give you the main reasons that will be enough to convince you to start storing it in your pantry; the moringa tea can relieve ulcer and diarrhea, its leaves can help fight bacteria and relieve inflammation when rubbed in wounds, and its extracts can help treat fever and eye and ear infections.
  4. Kale – Recently, kale has been getting its recognition in the world of fitness and health that far led to its own title as “the queen of greens” and so much for this green vegetable that it’s being called as the new beef because of its iron content. Even with all the protein and nutrients it contains, what makes it catchy is that it is zero fat, low in calorie, and high in fiber. Now, who could resist that?
  5. Nori – If your idea of nori is just a wrapper to your favorite sushi, you need to know more about its wonders. A sheet of nori seaweed can provide your body with Vitamin A as much as 3 eggs could give. It is particularly high in beta-carotene that can boost the immune system and helps fight eye disease. This is ideal for strict vegetarians since it contains Vitamin B-12, that are rarely found in plants. I’m sure you’ll never look at nori the same way again.

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