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Living Worth Mag™ is an online lifestyle magazine dedicated in empowering women by giving them a glimpse of different lifestyles and to expand their horizon as they journey with us. With some life hacks and unheard truths of life, we want to reveal ideas that can make wonders in every woman’s lifestyle. We tackle around topics on skincare, living and wellness, nail and hair care, food, beauty, fashion, personal development, and travel.

Living Worth Mag™ is looking for emerging and existing writers who have out of the box and fresh ideas that are waiting to be heard. We encourage you to be part of our magazine as we explore different views of life. We want to provide a platform where writers can grow and reach more audience.

Editorial Guidelines:

Living Worth Mag™ wants to gather unique voices that can make the team behind our online magazine a combination of different perspectives and one of a kind personalities.

  • Your work must be 100% original.
  • Your topics must be timely and relatable.
  • We want a writer who can turn a rock into a precious gem, like a simple topic into an excellent narrative.
  • We want our readers to read articles that speak like a genuine friend.
  • We discourage redundant information.
  • We encourage our writers and contributors to subscribe to our newsletter, so you can be familiar with our style and the grounds we cover.

We reserve the rights to edit the content of your submitted articles to align it according to our style and for clarity. It is your responsibility to make sure that your submitted works are accurate, and please indicate the sources of factual information.

Requirements and Process:

If you think you are the right fit, please send us your pitches and articles. In line with this, simply tell as a brief and straight to the point snippet of your background, passion, expertise, and your experience in writing. Kindly send us your portfolio and links for your online works or blog. Tell us what you want to write about and your strengths as a writer. From here, we will assess if you make the cut and we’ll get back to you when we are interested in having you as part of Living Worth magazine.

We look forward to see your work. Kindly fill out the form below for relevant and basic information.

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Thank you for your interest in being part of www.livingwortmagazine.com, and for taking part in sharing your talent with us. This agreement governs the Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions that supports our online magazine. Please confirm that you have thoroughly read, understand, and approved of our Submission Agreement before you submit your works to us.

As you have agreed to our Privacy Policy, and with all due respect to your material, we do not wish to have any confidential relationship or secrecy obligations between you and our team. Therefore, it is clear that you agree not to declare any claim of idea of appropriation, misuse or any similar claims to us.

Upon your submission of articles and other materials, you grant us the license to use, publish, distribute, and edit in any manner and medium we wish. We guarantee that you will retain the ownership to your article. However, you cannot re-purpose or submit the article to any publication or website without acknowledging that it is originally published by www.livingworthmagazine.com.

Please advise us beforehand if you wish for your article to be published anonymously. You may indicate it in your submission form, but we still need your basic information. We respect your request of remaining anonymous, however, we disclaim any responsibility or liability for any exposure of your identity, whether intentional or not.

Make sure that you understand that our online magazine is widely accessible to anyone with our wide range of audience. We expect that you will provide us with materials that are 100% original and it does not violate anyone’s privacy and intellectual property. You will be liable to any damage or legal consequences caused by your submitted materials.

Keep in mind that this we are not entitled to pay or offer other compensation for your content. In exchange to your submission of articles, we provide you a platform for exposure of your works and your personal website. The benefit of submitting your works here is solely self-promotional.

As a contributor, you must acknowledge that this is not an employment or partnership between you and our party.

We reserve the right to filter, edit, shorten, or prolong any content that you will submit, and it is in our discretion to publish or reject any articles. We are entitled to change and align your content according to our standards as an online magazine.

It is your duty to familiarize yourself with livingworthmagazine.com and the content of your articles must be in accordance to our mission and vision.

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