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Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2014

Social Media Habits in 2014

2015 just started and one great way to start it is to assess the things that you need to get over with. Yes, there are things we need to let go of, especially when it’s starting to take our productivity and the better things on life. Here are some of the social media habits in 2014 that we surely can live without:

  1. Long unnecessary #hashtags

It’s high time that we get this #hashtag thing plain and clear. Hashtags are designed if you want to make something trend or for searching related posts on the internet, but some can misuse and abuse the use of hashtags. #SeeHowThisHashtagDoesntMakeAnySense and #this #hashtag #as #well.

  1. Bashing celebrities on your social media posts

There’s more to life than the hottest celebrity news and scandals. Yes, the lives of celebrities are of public’s interest, but too much comment and posts about it can be sickening for others. Your posts will not be of use anyway if your friends and followers would unfollow you because of your negativity.

  1. Game Applications that ruin your productivity

You had too much of Candy Crush and Flappy Bird and it’s time to say “hello” to the work and the people you ignored while you’re trying to get high scores and to advance your level in those game apps. It is designed for entertainment, not for lifestyle.

  1. Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian’s bum issues

Admit it, their memes made you laugh and it’s kind of entertaining too, but it can’t go on forever. A week or two is enough for it to flood our newsfeed, there are other things to worry about like work and studies, you know.

  1. “Bae” and “tho”

Bae used to be an acronym for “before anything else,” but recently people are hopping on the bandwagon of using “bae” as a term of endearment. I’m sure your bae will not be happy when they find out that it actually means poop in Danish. Also, stop putting “tho” every time you end a sentence, especially when it’s grammatically incorrect. That overused word tho.

  1. YOLO

The concept of YOLO which means “You Only Live Once” sounds logical, but it’s been taken in a wrong context because it’s usually associated to someone who does something stupid, too much partying and drinking, careless actions, or breaking rules and laws. If you think of it, if you only live once, then why spend your time on stupid things? You might even waste more time pulling yourself together after messing up then you’ll realize how much time was gone for nothing.

  1. “Just woke up” Selfies

Fixing your hair to the perfect messy bed hair and pulling off the ‘no-makeup’ makeup. Trust me, normal people know that there’s no way you woke up to that.

  1. Abdomen Selfies

Your abdomen selfie can serve as a fitspiration for others, you worked hard for it so we don’t blame you for showing it off, but we don’t really need to see your abs everyday on our feed. There’s a fine line between fitness and vanity, so be careful where you fall in these two.



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