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Simple Techniques to Wake up with Glowing Skin

Simple Techniques for the Skin

Waking up in the morning can be a really difficult task, especially if you know you have a long day ahead. One of the first things you have to face in the morning is your preparation time, which includes your beauty regimen that is usually hard to fit in for just a few minutes.


How to Get Glowing Skin

You don’t really have to stress yourself so much if you can just wake up to an effortless beautiful skin. Here are some simple techniques that you can do before you crash into your bed at night so you can wake up with glowing skin:

  1. Drink lots of water. A few hours before you’re bedtime, have your body cleansed by drinking lots of water. For a more effective cleansing, you can squeeze in some lemon in your water. Don’t overdrink minutes before you go to bed because you don’t want your sleep to be disrupted in the middle of the night because you need a restroom break.
  2. Include antioxidants to your diet. After dinner, you can eat fresh berries for dessert because they’re full of antioxidants that will fight the harmful radicals that damage the skin. Maybe, you can spare some time for a cup of tea, it’s a good way to also relax and unwind after a long day.
  3. Get at least eight hours of sleep. When you sleep, it’s when your skin cell repairs itself naturally that’s why you need to have continuous flow of sleep everyday and make sure that your body follows a rhythmic pattern so it will be easier for you to sleep early and wake up early because of your body clock.
  4. Take Vitamin E capsule. What better nutrient to feed your skin with than Vitamin E? It is the essential vitamin for the skin because it helps protect even the deepest layers of your skin that beauty products can’t reach. Vitamin E protects your skin from sun damage, natural pollutants, and signs of aging. Along with this, you can also naturally get Vitamin E by including ‘greens’ to your diet and by exposing your skin to the morning sun from the time it rises until 9:00am.
  5. Exfoliate. After you wash your face with facial foam, you can remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin. If you have dry skin, you can do this every other night. This will instantly brighten your face.
  6. Use toner and moisturizer. After washing your face, let it air dry then apply toner and moisturizer. The toner will remove any excess dirt on your face and helps restore oil balance to your skin. Once you’re done with the toner, you should apply generous amount of moisturizer because it is the key to having a youthful skin. Use a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic so you will not clog your pores.
  7. Use clean sheets and pillowcase. The excess oil on your hair will transfer to the fabric used for your bed and it will have a direct contact to your skin when you sleep on your side. To avoid clogging your pores, change the sheets and pillowcase at least every three days.


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