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Makeup Guide: What You Should Know About Blush

Recommended Blushing Tips

Rosy cheeks are definition of a beautiful and glowing skin. This can put life into any pale and dull complexion that can the skin look healthier. No wonder blushing is an indication of too much emotion – as it can add life to your look.


Any woman would want their own natural flush, as it shows what a simple detail can bring. A pop of color can make such a difference with your look. If you don’t have time to run for several minutes to achieve a natural flush, you can always let the makeup do its magic.

Know what blush fits your skin type and on what to use in different occasions:


This is ideal for oily skin and it is simply applied with a brush. It is the most common type of blush and it blends easily to other makeups like bronzers and shimmer.

Cream compact

This is good for those who are struggling with dry skin and it can be easily applied using your finger. It has a heavier formulation that makes it perfect for a night makeup, as it gives your cheeks a strong flush.


This type of blush is needs a more delicate handling as it is quickly absorbed by the skin that makes it hard to blend. It has a lasting effect as it seeps through the skin. Some cheek tint can also serve as a lip tint that makes it a convenient makeup to carry along.

Cream tube

This is more like a cream blush in a handier package that makes it ideal when you’re just bringing a purse or when you are traveling.


This is pretty much the same with a powder blush, only it is ideal for those who have sensitive skin. It doesn’t clog your pores and it has lighter formulas so it is safe for any skin types.

Makeup Guide to Remember

To achieve a natural look, blend the blush with your makeup and see to it that you don’t overdo it by looking for the right lighting so you would know how it would appear on natural light. Always start the application of the blush at the upper part of the apple of your check then blend it outwards to your ears, so you would leave most of the pigment first at the part where you naturally get a blush.

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