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Most Fashionable Celebrities with Baby Bumps

Most Fashionable Celebrities with Baby Bumps

Fashionable Celebrities Baby Bumps Pregnancy doesn’t have to be months of hiding because of the added pounds and a plus size. Who says you can’t glam up when you’ve got a huge bump with you? These celebrities we listed will teach you a thing or two on how to be fashionable while you’re pregnant: Blake Lively Blake Lively attended the Angel Ball wearing a white gown in deep neck that hugs her figure perfectly. She’s always been spotted on stylish outfits from casual days to red c.

What You Need To Know About Seaside Fashion

About Seaside Fashion The ocean can be one of the most inspiring sights, and it has served as a great inspiration in the world of arts and fashion. With its vastness, you can never run out of ideas from it. One of the fashion statements that barely go out of style is the seaside fashion, also known as the nautical fashion. Dress up like a fashionable sailor and have a breezy aura with these nautical fashion ideas: Red, navy blue, and white are the perfect combination to reflect the n.

Classy and Sophisticated 40’s Fashion Trends

Sophisticated 40’s Fashion Trends The fashion industry today still gives us a glimpse of influence from the 40’s fashion, and it gives chic and classy vibe with just enough modern touch. Paris Fashion Week runway trend last 2014 definitely pulled off the glamour, that 40’s fashion is known for; with adding a little twist, their fashion show modernized the vintage fashion into a dark glamour. They did a fantastic job with their collections in showing an old soul to their works, without ge.

2014 Best-Dressed Celebrities Who Made Mark in Fashion

2014 Best-Dressed Celebrities We all know that latest fashion trends always start from our favorite celebrities, and it can be either a hit or a miss. What they wear is something that is of great interest for most women out there, from the “who are you wearing?” question in the red carpet down to their casual outfits taken by paparazzi, we narrowed down the list to know the 2014 best dressed celebrities. Let’s find out the top 10 celebrities who definitely made the cut in the fashion worl.

Simple Wardrobe Mix and Match You Must Remember

Девушка собирается в отпуск

Simple Wardrobe Mix and Match Fashion is something that you have to think through because it is a way of presenting yourself to others. Of course, you can’t just grab any items that look good and combine them together regardless of its outcome. You can wear several fabulous clothing items and accessories, but still look visually distracting. It’s time to get you fashion into a perfect harmony and look fabulous with the right combination of clothing items. How a woman dresses up is one of.

The Lace Trend: Beauty Behind the Intricate Patterns

The Lace Trend: Beauty Behind the Intricate Patterns

The Lace Trend The famous impression of the lace trend as an elegant fabric used in designing gowns it that is usually associated with clothes that represents anything romantic. Fortunately, with the new decade, it has actually taken its splendor to a whole new level.   Alexander McQueen, a world renowned fashion designer definitely made waves in the fashion world with lace collections that are very unique and intricately made. That makes McQueen’s fashion shows one of the mos.

Fashion Statement Pieces to Spice up a Simple Outfit

Fashion Statement Pieces You don’t have to overdo your look and pull off a complicated outfit to make a statement. There are fashion pieces that can speak for its own with its striking and one-of-a-kind look. Are you keeping fashion items that are too fancy that you find it hard to match with anything? A basic outfit is perfect to make those pieces stand out all the more. A black dress and plain tees or tank tops are must-haves at times like this. Here are some statement pieces to pull-of.

What Not to Wear on Your Black Friday Shopping

Women and shopping

Clothing Items to Avoid on Black Friday Black Friday is not your typical shopping day and it’s like the ultimate time to go around and hop on to every shopping center that you can to find the best deals, promos, and discounts. Comfort is one thing that you should highly consider so you move around freely while you jump from one store to another. Who would want to endure a long day with uncomfortable clothes, or worse, a wardrobe malfunction? Be wise in your shopping trips because t.

Chic Clothing Combinations for Thanksgiving

Chic Clothing Combinations Thanksgiving is one holiday that everyone looks forward to because it’s a time to catch-up with your family and friends. You might want to consider dressing up for people that are important to you in this special occasion.   Of course, capturing memories on cameras are very essential for it is mostly a time of reunions and parties for one point to another. After a few years, you’ll be looking at those pictures again and you surely wouldn’t want.