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Know What You Want and Do What You Love

Knowing What You Want

Do you find yourself restless and stressed out more often with your work? You’re not alone. But you might want to reflect and do a quick self-check if you are growing as a person or not in the career that you’ve chosen. If your answer is no, then there’s a lot for you to rethink.

Every single day becomes a better day for us because of the consistent change with women’s rights and capabilities. Most women now have the power to be able to pick different careers from one point to another. Reality is that the world is moving faster every now and then with more innovations being developed – this gives more career options for every female being.

Sometimes, we do have the tendency to look at the incentives and not the job description that leaves us in a mediocre career life.

Truth us, it does pay off to pay attention to know what you really wanted to do in life.

Do What You Love

Your purpose and passion should be the main reason in making a career move. The world will give you many reasons and standards so you can narrow down your choices, and you have to be wise enough to know what to consider.

Be firm in making decisions so you will not suffer consequences of decision with temporary results. Always assess yourself and find out what you really enjoy doing. Once you discover it be passionate about it and learn everything that you can. Learn to love the path that you are taking and you will feel like you have the best job. It is just a matter of the heart you put in your work that makes it meaningful and prosperous.

Don’t listen to people who belittles the things that you want to do, and being able to excel on these things will vindicate your career. Seek for wise counsel and be hungry for learning and wisdom. Pursue excellence and don’t compromise just to satisfy others.

It is a matter of being decisive to your goals and whenever you feel like giving up and settling for something less, remember what awaits at the finish line. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t put limits to your dreams. If you know what you want, don’t be persuaded to do something just because it’s the trend.

It’s not just about being talented per se, but it’s about your character and how willing you are to achieve your goals. Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams, and embrace your vision so you will never lose track. Be an inspiration to other people who loses courage in pursuing what they really wanted. Love your career just enough, and give time for yourself and for the people around you so you can live life at its fullest.

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