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Being an Introvert: Understanding the Timid Personality

Being an Introvert

If you’re someone who is content with your own set of intimate friends and doesn’t need a bunch of acquaintances, then maybe you fit in the category of “introverts.” Introverts are usually stereotyped as shy and quiet, but you’ll never know what’s going on in that mysterious head of theirs.


Understanding the Timid Personality

Here’s a quick peek to the timid personality of every introvert person (you might find yourself relating to this):

  1. I’d rather spend the night sitting at my reading nook than go out to party. Yes, that’s my idea of fun. A good book and a cup of tea is my idea of a fantastic night.
  2. It’s not that I don’t care; I’m just not good at expressing my thought and feelings. You think I’m not interested with what you’re saying, but my mind is actually bursting with opinions and words.
  3. I hope I will not bump into someone I know. Small talks feel like hours of conversation for me. It’s uncomfortable and I need to keep myself looking busy all the time just in case.
  4. I hate introductions. I will not be offended if you don’t introduce me to your friend, you’re actually doing me a favor. I don’t like first day of class and giving a brief background about myself gives me butterflies in the stomach.
  5. I’m in love with the serene sound of the ocean and when the trees make eerie noises. I’d rather hear it than the noise pollution at a busy city.
  6. I’m so awkward.
  7. Please don’t notice me. I could really use an invisibility cloak right now.
  8. I can’t wait to go home. I can’t wait to catch up on my favorite TV series while sitting at the comfort of our living room.
  9. I don’t mind you calling me weird. No, I mean it. I think it’s your way of calling me unique.
  10. Why aren’t they approaching me? I will only speak when spoken too, but why are they ignoring me? Are they intimidated or they just don’t like me?
  11. I hope there’s a seat at the back. There’s no way I’ll take the seat at the front row. I don’t want to get any unnecessary attention.
  12. Too much information. I can’t help but notice those small details that nobody seems to care about.
  13. Let me write that one. My journal is my best friend. As much as I don’t speak, I actually have a wide range of vocabulary that only my journal hears.
  14. I need my earphones. I can’t go anywhere without it. Besides, no one listens to my kind of jam.
  15. I could use some intellectual conversation right now. I can’t stand shallow conversations about what your pet wore and how you still can’t get over with Twilight.

If you can relate to some of this statement, I’m sorry for exposing your mind. But let me also give you the credit for bring the listener and the thinker of the group. Try to open yourself more, and you’ll be surprised with how many people would actually want your company.

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