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10 Signs That You Are a Morning Person

good morning womans with cup of fragrant coffee

The Usual Qualities of a Morning Person Is the chirping of birds and early morning silence music to your ears? If that’s a yes, then maybe you’re a morning person; when you feel unproductive when you wake up after 10am and if you have all the reasons to go home early after work. A morning person have half of his/her “to do” list already checked before noon and they’re enthusiasm in the morning is just so hard to top. Here’s the rest of the list on the signs that you’re the early b.

Top New Year’s Resolutions that Never Makes It Until End of the Year

Top New Year’s Resolutions that Never Makes It Until End of the Year

Revising Your Top New Year’s Resolutions New Year is one of the most celebrated events, not just because it is the welcoming of another year, but also because it’s all about new beginnings. People love the idea of starting fresh, that’s why writing a New Year’s resolution has become a tradition. The thing with New Year goal setting is that, more than half of our list never made it halfway throughout the year. Here are some things that are commonly listed down that you should start re.

Ways to Document Your Holiday Celebration Photos

Documenting Your Holiday Celebrations Another holiday just passed. It was a time for families and friends to have their most awaited reunions. Celebrations are not complete without documentations to keep the memories that you made on that special day. It is good to have something that you can go back to when you want to laugh again at the hairstyles and fashion that you thought was cool at that time, then it begins to look funny as time passes, and to reminisce the happy memories from the past .

Do-it-yourself: Homemade Christmas Decors

Homemade Christmas Decors Christmas is fast approaching and the Holiday spirit is just everywhere. What makes this time even more light-spirited are the breathtaking views of beautiful decorations and mesmerizing lights. Quick suggestion: Don’t get behind the season just because you are on a tight budget to take part in beautifying this already beautiful season. You can start decorating your own home without spending on fancy decors. Be resourceful and creative in thinking of simple but .

Fun Fitness Ideas That You Can Do With Your Kids

Fun Fitness Ideas Motherhood can take so much of a woman’s time, especially now that most of us are now given more freedom to choose what we want to do in addition to our other duties such as as motherhood. It is hard to juggle time with children in line with the time for yourself, not to mention that there are the other duties you have in between. Truth is, an effective woman lives gracefully, and this includes living in a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you can relate to this, here are.

Do Not to Let Your Gadget Take over Your Tasks

Do Not to Let Your Gadget Take over Your Tasks

Your Gadgets Take Over Your Tasks Often these days where we witness how people are more drawn to technology. They’re everywhere – you will find people who are busy doing one task with their mobile phones on one hand.   It is true though, that the 21st century technology does make wonders and miracles in our lives; who would’ve thought that these gadgets can eventually help us with online shopping, talking virtually face to face, business meetings, paying bills, calling a cab.

Things to Start Doing Now to Have a Well Balanced Life

How to Have a Well Balanced Life In this day and age life is fast-paced and 24 hours a day doesn’t seem enough to fit your daily activities and it directly affects your health. How you treat your body reflects your mood, your confidence, your skin, and even your lifestyle. Time management, healthy diet, and proper skin care are the keys to have a well-balanced life. Here are some things to start doing to keep you feet on a balanced ground: • Set goals. Organize your daily and weekly a.

Act of Kindness: Hosting a Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving for the Less Fortunate Thanksgiving is not merely a time to take a break from school and work to enjoy a long weekend and great dinner. The real essence of Thanksgiving is the celebration of bountiful harvest that gives us something to be really grateful about. How moving it is to see other people spending that special day with no company or anyone to celebrate with. It is a great time to share your harvest of blessings, especially to those who never really have a gli.