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DIY Seasalt Spray for Your Perfect Beach Waves

Fashionable girl in fashionable clothes

Homemade Texturizer for a Surfer Chic Hair The surfer chic look has been making waves in the world of beauty, and many girls are dying to have their own beach waves. Lucky for girls who have natural big curls, they can have it effortlessly; but good news for everyone, beach waves can now be achieved by any hair types from short bobs to straight long hair. Though we’ve been hearing a lot of raves about texturizers and dry shampoos, which is far from cheap by the way, you can now do your own se.

Celebrities Who Sported the Best Bob Hairstyles

Celebrities with Bob Hairstyles Celebrities seem to be hyped with best bob hairstyles and it has been making every girl want to go for the big chop. This hair fad has come into different varieties and styles, like the classic short bob, ‘lob’ long bob, fringed bobs, and ‘wob’ wavy bobs that anyone can look for her own perfect bob. Here are some hairspirations that would make you want to visit the salon right away: Emma Stone  With her auburn hair that beautifully matches her s.

Quick Tips to Manage Your Dry Hair

Quick Tips to Manage Your Dry Hair

Manage Your Dry Hair Don’t you just hate it when other women wake up to such a beautiful hair that it barely needs some grooming, while you on the other hand have a dry and frizzy hair? Hair is one of the most visible parts of your body, and it has a big effect on your beauty. The hair needs just the right amount of moisture to have just the exact texture and volume. Maybe you’re not doing a good job in keeping the natural moisture of your hair that requires you a frequent visit to the salon.

Basic Things You Need to Know About Your Hair Care

Basic Hair Care Tips Your hair is your crowning glory and it can make or break your overall beauty. Therefore do not just sit back and relax as you got to the salon expecting they will give you know all the work done for a healthy and great looking hair. It’s not enough that you get to iron your hair or apply hair products to tame your mane, because when you do much on your hair everyday the more it will look damaged and you don’t want to spend an awful lot of money just for hair treatments. Ha.

Manicure Tips: Not Your Typical French Tip

Manicure Tips The neat and elegant look of pink nails with perfect white tips has really taken the world of mani-pedi on a different level. This manicure fad has been existing for a very long time as it’s been one of the most famous requests in salons. The manicure look that I’m talking about is commonly known as “French tip.”   The reason why this fad is still up and going is because it is versatile and chic, and you can now modernize this Parisian manicure technique.