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Encouraging Your Assistant Will Make Her Do Fantastic Job

Encouraging Your Assistant

Have you ever met someone who would give you a genuine pat on the back whether you did great or not? That someone who could find a way to make the loads lighter and much bearable for you? If you’ve met that person, he will definitely leave a mark on you because it takes an encouraging person to help you pull yourself together at your lowest point.

You may have a bunch of people telling you that you are not good, not talented, and not beautiful enough, but it just takes a single voice telling you that you can do it looking straight to your eyes without a sense of restraint and bluntness. That is how the power of encouragement works, and it’s time to pay it forward by passing on that sweet voice of encouragement to your colleagues, and you can start with your assistant.

These are simple steps to encourage your assistant:

  1. Acknowledge them – It won’t hurt to pay a little attention to other people’s performance and good attributes, and it won’t take much of your time to say a short “great job” or “you look nice.” Just remember that too much praise will not sound sincere, especially if you seem to have a template prepared and people will hear you saying the same thing to everyone. You are not playing people-pleaser here, but you are practicing sensitivity to others.
  2. Don’t just tell them “you can do it” but tell them why they can do it. It is one thing to tell people that they can do it, but it’s another thing to take time to stop and tell them why they are capable of doing it. People have enough of cold-blooded “you can do it” throughout their lives, what they are waiting for is someone who would point out their potential. There’s a power that comes along with the words that you pass on to people. Tell them they are dumb, and they might just live with the fact that their ideas will never be acceptable; but tell them that they are smart, and they will start to act like it.
  3. Give incentives. A good job that pays off will lead into an excellent job. Give people credits due to them, and this rewarded work can really motivate a person. You don’t just drown someone with flowery language of encouragement; extra perks will serve as an affirmation that you really appreciate them, and it serves as a follow-through to show that you are not just giving them blank words of encouragement.
  4. Make the habit of affirmation. It’s always nice to actually hear from other people how well you’re doing with your work. No job is too lowly to be ignored, so you must always be aware of the people around you especially if they are people that you see every single day, and what more if these are people that serve you all the time.

Becoming a Great Boss

You will see how your encouraging can go far when you see the performance and attitude of your assistant has changed. It’s hard to force someone to be better at work when they feel like they are not good enough for an excellent job. Let them reflect what you tell them and have a better relationship with them; the results are definitely worth it.

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