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Counting Calories for an Effective Diet

Why Start Counting Calories

Counting calories has been a hot topic in the world of health and fitness. More people are becoming health conscious, though we cannot deny the fact that most people still don’t get into a healthy lifestyle. Some said that counting calories is like an eating disorder when done exaggeratedly. But we cannot disregard it in weight loss. Calorie is essential, but only when the intake is in moderation. Our bodies basically need it for energy, which explains why a handful of sweets have more calorie content than a bunch of fruits and vegetables.

Here are some reasons why you should start to count calories:

  1. To lose weight, the equation is as simple as you should burn more calories than what you take. That’s why you should have a calorie limit for the day because the calories left in your body will be turned to fat and muscles.
  2. Calories are not based on how big the serving of the food is, but it depends on its sugar content. If you don’t count the calories of your food intake, then it will be hard for you to weigh your eating habit with your physical activities.
  3. You have to assess your everyday activities and align it to your diet. If you just sit most of the day, then you should target a low calorie diet; unlike when you exercise, you need calories for energy and endurance.
  4. Every human body is designed for its own diet. Though we follow certain rules and standards, our diet are still based on our body type and even on our gender. This is why eating habits of other people doesn’t work on you.
  5. If you don’t count calories, you might starve yourself because of the frustration in losing weight. Make sure that you just keep a record and follow it.
  6. Counting calories can help to keep you from overeating and to maintain a stable eating habit. This is to give you a balanced diet so you can set a boundary in your diet.
  7. The grams of your meals and snacks are as important as its calorie content. You can’t just disregard the other one because both are very essential for an accurate diet.

How to Count Calories

For a starter, the internet is there to guide you (as always). Just look for a website where you can calculate your Basic Metabolic Rate and Body Mass Index to know your daily calorie limit, which will require you with basic information like age, sex, weight, height, and your activity. Once you’re done with this, you can download a calorie counter where you can list down the food that you eat every day and its calorie content. If you are not aware of the calorie content of your food, the software can compute it for you based on the grams and ingredients of what you eat. Just make sure that you follow this, not just to lose weight, but to also keep a healthy diet.

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