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Maintain a Positive Mindset: Keeping the Glass Half Full

The Lesson behind the Glass Half Full The illustration about the glass of water that is half empty and half full is often heard in inspirational or leadership talks. It is a revelation of our perspective in life about how we see the glass of water: If you see the glass half empty, it means that you see the negative side of things; on the other hand, if you see the glass half full, then you know how to keep the right perspective of things.   Positive mindset is the key to mainta.

Know What You Want and Do What You Love

Knowing What You Want Do you find yourself restless and stressed out more often with your work? You’re not alone. But you might want to reflect and do a quick self-check if you are growing as a person or not in the career that you’ve chosen. If your answer is no, then there’s a lot for you to rethink. Every single day becomes a better day for us because of the consistent change with women’s rights and capabilities. Most women now have the power to be able to pick different careers from one p.