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Best Fitness and Running Tips for Beginners

Things to Remember for Fitness Beginners

Running has become one of the biggest fads in fitness today, and sure there’s a reason for this hype; it’s easy, you can do it anywhere and anytime, it’s convenient, it’s fun, and it doesn’t need complicated equipments.

Photo of a woman running


Fitness and Running Tips

If you’re a newbie to this sport, here are some of the best fitness and running tips that you should remember before you grab your shoes and start going:

  1. Set goals. Before you start anything, make sure that you have goals so you will know when to push yourself and when to stop. Assess yourself first, especially your health.
  2. Stretching is important. Before you start running don’t stretch your muscles too much, just allow around 5 minutes of stretching because you don’t want to stress your muscles before you start. After running, you can do long counts of stretching to increase your flexibility.
  3. Start slow. Running doesn’t always have to be a sprint and you must learn when to keep a pace. Start with a slow jog until you get a momentum before you start to increase your speed.
  4. Let the front end of your foot land first. Never land with your heel first because it can lead to injury because of the pressure of your weight. Landing on your toes first can make your running lighter.
  5. Take your healthy dose of carbs and protein. Before you start to run, you can eat a light meal with carbs and protein for energy and muscle building. Just make sure that you allot at least 30 minutes gap before you run because running with a full stomach may lead to stomach ailments. After running, you can have a protein shake to help your muscles build up again.
  6. Get a running buddy. It’s better to have someone tag along when you run so you can have someone to motivate you and to share the experience with.
  7. Use quality running shoes. This is your ultimate investment in running that’s why you need to look for the best fit for you. Other shoes that aren’t fit for running can also be risky to wear because it can hurt your feet in the process that can also lead to injury.
  8. Bring running accessories. To keep you entertained and to help you get a rhythm, you can bring your smart phone with you for some upbeat music. You can also use a smart phone or a sports watch to help you track your time and distance.
  9. Keep a record. To help you set your goals next time, you must list down the time and the distance you’ve run so you would know what record to beat and if you are improving.
  10. Get a trainer or coach. This can be anyone who has a professional experience in running. If you’re planning to take running seriously, you need someone who knows how to train you according to your endurance and physical condition. You will need someone who will push you to your limits so you can be better.

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