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5 Interesting Hobbies You Can Get Yourself into this Year

New Things to Try out This Year

We’re almost done with the first month of 2015, and if you still find yourself having the same routine as the last year, you might want to think twice. Explore life as much as you can and don’t be afraid to discover new things that can add some spice to your life. Don’t settle with a stagnant life, and go out there and discover how you could do more in life. We listed down five interesting new hobbies you can try for this year:

  1. Turn your home into a DIY haven. It’s time to do some revamping to your humble abode. Start to declutter your things and set aside everything that you don’t use anymore. Don’t throw it just yet because you might find a gem in that pile of garbage. An old wood can be turned into an art work or a coffee table. You can also use an old ladder as a bookshelf or for display shelf. The key here is to recycle and to think outside the box.
  2. Collect unusual items. Collecting items can be fulfilling and you can use it for display at home. It can be a conversation starter for you and your visitors. Think of something that interests you the most, and start from there. If you’re a geek, you can find a lot of collector’s item from comic books to vinyl toys. If you’re a nature lover, gather and preserve different leaves or flowers and have them framed by the end of the year. There’s an endless list of things that you can collect. You can even continue this every year and collect different things.
  3. Start a doodle journal. This can be a great idea to kill time while enhancing your creativity. Observe the things around you and draw bits of your experiences and things that strike you the most throughout the day until you finish a page. You can do this when you’re idle; while you’re waiting for your order at a restaurant, while drinking in a coffee shop, or at your desk when you have nothing to do at work. This can be a great way to keep memories and to record your whole year.
  4. Learn a Foreign Language. You can be a very useful skill so it’s definitely worth the trouble. If you find yourself fascinated with a certain place or country with different language and culture, go the extra mile of speaking their mother tongue. This can also be an opportunity for you if you want extra income by being a translator or teach the locals English instead. This will require your patience, though.
  5. Watch a bunch of films from different countries (of course, with subtitles). Isn’t it cool when you know something that most people don’t? Research some films from indie to mainstream from different countries and watch them. This will allow you to have a broader view of what’s out there on the other side of the planet. Through this, you will be able to witness different lives, circumstance, places, and so much more, without even having to leave the couch.




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