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Beauty | Skin Care | Must-Have Skin Care Products for Oily Skin Treatment

Woman oily skin

Skin Care Products for Oily Skin They say that to have a good register on pictures, you have to embrace and face the light. But women with oily skin say otherwise, because light exposes the shine of the skin that embarrassingly shows off your oily t-zone. Thanks to camera filters, a fresh skin can be done in an instant. Oily face can be a real pain because you will need to constantly retouch all throughout the day that can also cause your ski.

Wellness | Lifestyle | How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle This Year

Close-up of active jogging female runner, preparing shoes

Starting a Healthy Lifestyle Admit it, you write “have a healthy lifestyle” or “get fit” on your New Year’s resolution list every year. In most cases, the year consists of more cheat days than the days when you eat and live healthy, and yes, the healthy days also include the time you are sick in a hospital bed where you have no choice but to eat healthy and if you consider walking from your room to the kitchen an exercise. Effecti.

Anti-Aging | Tips and Techniques | Simple Techniques to Wake up with Glowing Skin

Portrait of woman isolated on a white background

Simple Techniques for the Skin Waking up in the morning can be a really difficult task, especially if you know you have a long day ahead. One of the first things you have to face in the morning is your preparation time, which includes your beauty regimen that is usually hard to fit in for just a few minutes.   How to Get Glowing Skin You don’t really have to stress yourself so much if you can just wake up to an effortless beautiful.

Food | Home Recipes | Healthy Stuffing Ideas for Roasted Chicken Recipes

Roasted chicken

Roasted Chicken Recipes A stuffed meat dish looks more complicated than it really is. If you want to cook something for your friends and family that will not take so much effort and time, stuffed roasted chicken can be your life-saver. The ingredients are simple and the cooking time is shorter because chicken is easier to cook. Serve it with sidings like potatoes or mixed vegetables to make it more presentable.  Here are simple yet tasty health.

Beauty | Nail Care | Striking Chic Nail Polish that Will Make You Standout

Lady with painted hands mehendi

Striking Chic Nail Polish Colors Mani pedi is always a woman’s idea of girl bonding. Your nail polish serves as your accessory and it can make or break your look. On your bonding time with your girl friends, you know what to do next. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try colors that are oozing with your personality and let each of you highlight your own self. Here is a list of the top nail polish to try out if you want your n.

Travel | Baggage Check | Guide for Packing: First Aid Kit To Keep in Your Luggage

First aid kit with bandage and scissors on white table

Guide for Packing Anything can happen during your travel, and one of the worse things that you can encounter is to have a fashion emergency. Don’t be caught off guard on situations like that and be prepared for whatever wardrobe malfunction you may experience. Instead of going for some panic buying, you can have an instant solution to your problems by packing a fashion emergency kit with you.   First Aid Kit Inclusions Here are s.

Wellness | Heart, Mind and Body | Top New Year’s Resolutions that Never Makes It Until End of the Year

Top New Year’s Resolutions that Never Makes It Until End of the Year

Revising Your Top New Year’s Resolutions New Year is one of the most celebrated events, not just because it is the welcoming of another year, but also because it’s all about new beginnings. People love the idea of starting fresh, that’s why writing a New Year’s resolution has become a tradition. The thing with New Year goal setting is that, more than half of our list never made it halfway throughout the year. Here are some things that.

Wellness | Weight Loss | Best Fitness and Running Tips for Beginners

Best Fitness and Running Tips for Beginners

Things to Remember for Fitness Beginners Running has become one of the biggest fads in fitness today, and sure there’s a reason for this hype; it’s easy, you can do it anywhere and anytime, it’s convenient, it’s fun, and it doesn’t need complicated equipments.   Fitness and Running Tips If you’re a newbie to this sport, here are some of the best fitness and running tips that you should remember before you grab your s.

Travel | Travel Plans | Hotel Etiquette to Remember When Traveling

Hotel Etiquette to Remember When Traveling

Hotel Etiquette to Remember One important factor in traveling is the place where you will stay, so make sure that you will leave a good impression to the staff because it will also reflect the service that they give you. Know what to do and what not to do as we list down the top hotel etiquette that you should keep in mind from the moment you check in until at the time of your check out: Upon Your Arrival/Checking In Do not bring.

Food | Diet Plans | Effective Diet Plans To Include in Your New Year’s Resolution

Effective Diet Plans To Include in Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution One default thing we all include in our New Year’s resolution is about starting a healthy lifestyle or to become more fit, so to speak. Don’t let this remain in a piece of paper, you actually got to act upon this one.   Effective Diet Plans Here are some things you should really start doing if you really want to lose those extra pounds and achieve the most effective diet plans: Overcome your fear of �.