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10 Signs That You Are a Morning Person

The Usual Qualities of a Morning Person

Is the chirping of birds and early morning silence music to your ears? If that’s a yes, then maybe you’re a morning person; when you feel unproductive when you wake up after 10am and if you have all the reasons to go home early after work. A morning person have half of his/her “to do” list already checked before noon and they’re enthusiasm in the morning is just so hard to top. Here’s the rest of the list on the signs that you’re the early bird of the group:

  1. You’re the first one to know the fresh news for the day. You are a walking newspaper to everyone. They can hear the latest news from you even before they read it on the internet or watched it in the television, because you’ve read it before anyone else does.
  2. You can eat breakfast food all day. You don’t mind eating eggs, bacon, and hotdog at any time of the day even for lunch or dinner. That’s your default meal when you can’t think of anything else.
  3. But first, coffee. You cannot simply start your day without your daily dose of caffeine. The smell of coffee makes you happy and its bittersweet taste always haunt you.
  4. You are frustrated with people who don’t seem to have a body clock. You can’t understand the pleasure of sleeping late and waking up late. That’s plain torture for you, while for some, it’s a lifestyle.
  5. Sunrise is you’re favorite part of the day. You’re camera roll is full of pictures of sunrise or dramatic bluish photos taken in the morning. Watching sunrise over a cup of coffee is the perfect moment for you (insert background music).
  6. Empty streets in the morning excite you. You’ll trade a quiet walk in the morning in empty streets than a late night crowded party. You’re friends even invite you on late night parties just for formality, because they know that you’ll always decline the offer. They never expect you to come.
  7. You’re already asleep before anyone else does. Before midnight, you’re already in a deep slumber. Pulling an all-nighter is a difficult task for you. You only make exceptions when there’s a show you cannot miss or when there’s something really urgent.
  8. You don’t mind early morning errands. You’ve already done a lot of productive things even before everyone wakes up. It’s always a mystery for some people where you get all the energy and enthusiasm in the morning.
  9. You’re always ready and well-groomed before going to work. You’re clothes are wrinkle-free, you’re hair are neatly groomed, and you never leave anything at home. You have all the time to pull yourself together in the morning before you do anything.
  10. You outdo your alarm clock. You only set your alarm clock just in case you failed to wake up early, which rarely happens. You don’t even need the snooze button.


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