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Wellness | Lifestyle | 5 Interesting Hobbies You Can Get Yourself into this Year

brunswick county real estate
Homes for sale in Brunswick County NC ASAP Realty is your premier property specialist for Ocean Ridge in Ocean Isle Beach, Brunswick Forest in Leland, Crow Creek in Calabash, and all of Brunswick County, North Carolina. With over 40 years combined real estate experience serving both buyers and sellers, we have now carved out our own niche in Brunswick County, NC. ASAP Realty provides VIP service to all of its clients, from first-time home buyers and sellers to savvy real estate investors and everyone in between. ASAP Realty merges tried and true real estate practices with powerful online tools, like our MLS listing search, so that you can make the best decisions about your Coastal North Carolina home purchase or sale.

Food | Home Recipes | Healthy Dips for Your Favorite Snacks

Traditional mexican salsas
Easy and Healthy Dips to Make at Home Snacks play a vital role to your diet, and though you’re eating small portions, it’s still the calorie content that counts. A light meal would be in vain if you constantly cheat during your snacks with all the sweets and processed food that you eat in between meals. It’s time to skip that, donut, cheese burger, and fries, and look for snacks that are light and healthy. A dip can turn your boring food i.

Beauty | Hair Care | DIY Seasalt Spray for Your Perfect Beach Waves

Highway Guardrail

Highway Guardrail

Precision Highway Contractors Whether its just a stop sign, or a sign bridge structure installed over an expressway, Precision Highway Contractors’ highly skilled install crews are there. We provide Oversize Load Pilot Car Service / Escort Vehicle Services. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of highway guardrail products, impact attenuators, and pedestrian handrail systems. Our highway guardrail installations have various applications including guardrail for interstates and primary and secondary roads. We also install a variety of guardrail systems for private sector uses like parking lots, and driveways, or surrounding buildings, culverts, and retaining walls. We deliver what you need to ensure your compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

Anti-Aging | Top Brands | Healthy Oil for Different Skin Types

beautiful model applying a skin serum treatment
Fight Aging with Oil For deep hydration that reaches the inner layer of the skin, it’s time to get to know oil products more. Oil is known as a great ingredient to fight aging. Well, it’s only half the truth; oil products are life-savers, and it caters from all skin types from dry to oily and you can start as early as you can. These aren’t just oil in general; I’m talking about the good grease naturally extracted from plants and fruits.

Wellness | Heart, Mind and Body | 10 Signs That You Are a Morning Person

Water Damage in San Diego
Water Damage in San Diego Water damage remediation shouldn’t be put off, whether you need wet carpet drying, water damage restoration, or flood damage restoration. Count on Certified Restoration for emergency home services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the day or time, Certified Restoration responds quickly following flood, mold, and fire damage.

Beauty | Make up | Makeup Guide: The Perfect Coverage for Your Skin Type

beauty portrait
Ideal Coverage for Different Skin Types Every girl has her own fair share of bad days when the skin just really needs something extra to make it look better. Good thing there are foundations, concealers, and powders to save you from being a walking disaster. To make your skin look flawless and naturally smooth, we listed down the ideal coverage for different skin types: Lancôlme Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm.

Food | Diet Plans | Counting Calories for an Effective Diet

Woman eating fast food.
Why Start Counting Calories Counting calories has been a hot topic in the world of health and fitness. More people are becoming health conscious, though we cannot deny the fact that most people still don’t get into a healthy lifestyle. Some said that counting calories is like an eating disorder when done exaggeratedly. But we cannot disregard it in weight loss. Calorie is essential, but only when the intake is in moderation. Our bodies basical.

Anti-Aging | How To’s and DIY’s | DIY Guide: Kitchen Remedies for Blackheads

Ocean Ridge Plantation

Ocean Ridge Plantation

Ocean Ridge Plantation Known as one of the best beaches in the world, Ocean Ridge Plantation is located on beautiful Ocean Isle Beach, NC. It is THE premier golfing community on the North Carolina shoreline, in a ‘can’t miss’ setting. Ocean Ridge Plantation is one of the #1 retirement properties in the NC area. Take a look at available properties today!

Fashion | Shop | Top Fashion Dresses this 2015 to Add in Your Shopping List

Pretty woman trying on blue dress at clothes store
Top Fashion Dresses this 2015 Fashion trends constantly changes every year, and top fashion brands will never miss the trendiest outfits for anything. The long wait for the new batch of collections is over, as these top brands are the first in line to set the trend for 2015. A dress is one of a woman’s wardrobe must-have from casual days to corporate outfits, so it’s important that you update your dresses for this year. Here is the newest li.

Wellness | Emotions | Being an Introvert: Understanding the Timid Personality

cooling mattress pad
Cooling Mattress Pad Believe it or not, a cooler body makes for better sleep. Researchers have discovered that 65º Farenheit is the ideal temperature for sleep – and if you like to pile on the blankets, 60.8º is the best ambient room temperature. ChiliPad allows you to set the precise temperature of your mattress (with available dual zones to accommodate your partner), so you can achieve the perfect environment for your best sleep. Understanding the Timid Personality Here’s a quick peek to the timid personality of every introvert person (.